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More and more university graduates are changing careers later in life after encountering the harsh reality that is the current job market. Underwhelming and tepid reactions by employers towards new graduates can create disillusioned and frustrated jobseekers who feel ill-prepared as they look into starting their careers. In order to open up their job prospects and keep up with rising job demands in IT, Education, and Business sectors, many graduates are considering a change of career totally different from what they have studied before, turning instead to conversion courses only available in the UK to increase their job opportunities.

So, what are conversion courses?

A conversion course is an intensive postgraduate programme that allows applicants from any undergraduate degree to apply. These types of courses are unique to UK universities with the only requirement being that the applicant demonstrates a high level of interest in the course and has an excellent academic history (minimum of a 2:2 degree, depending on the course and university entry requirements). These courses are best for career-focused Bachelor’s graduates who feel their first career choice might be more reflective of personal interests rather than being able to sustain a future career.

Will the UK have the conversion courses on offer?

This type of postgraduate course is unique to the UK and therefore, some of the best conversion courses are available in any topic of your choice. 

You might consider some of the more popular examples:

- Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) - City University of London's GDL,

- Graduate Diploma in Psychology (GDP) – Cardiff University's GD Psychology,

- IT - University of Kent's MSc Computer Programming,

- Medicine - University of Surrey's GD Physicians Associate,

- Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) – University of Brighton's MA Education,

- Finance - University of Exeter's GD in Finance,

- Property, Accountancy, Business, Engineering, Human Resources, Marketing, Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Social Work

If you'd like to explore which conversion course would be a great fit for you, please email our AppUK team at

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What will a typical conversion course involve?

Most conversion courses are more intensive than a typical postgraduate degree. This is because the course is based in practical theory, giving you a good grasp of the course material and readies you for a real work environment. This involves work placements, exams, essays, and coursework – alongside taught tutorials. These courses are taught under the assumption that you, as a student with past successful higher education experience, can  easily build upon your past study and work skills.

What are the advantages of conversion courses?

Conversion courses keep your life plan on track! Since these programmes have become available in the UK, students no longer have to panic after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree that they personally don't feel will get them far in the job hunt. Bachelor's graduates can skip the costly venture of obtaining another three-year undergraduate degree, and opt for a shorter one-year master's course instead, thus continuing their educational climb upwards without compromising more money and time.

Should I do a conversion degree?

If you're looking to get more for your buck and would like to fast-track your career options, a conversion course is a great option for you! Let's face it, we have to be more practical these days and actively working towards obtaining useable skills in this ever-demanding job sphere isn't always the easiest to navigate. So, make it easy and equip yourself with a clear set of skills first!

How do I apply?

Universities each have their own admissions process and unique conversion courses on offer so it's better to contact TeamAppUK ( in order to help narrow down your options. We can help you find the course with the most appealing modules to you or the best ties to industry/companies for you do your work placement.

If you were to choose one, which conversion course would you pick?




Education/Social work


Human resources/Marketing

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