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The University of Hertfordshire is offering six 'early bird' scholarships worth £4,000, exclusively to students who apply through ApplicationUK! The average tuition fee at University of Hertfordshire is around £12,000, meaning that with this scholarship, you could get a first-class postgraduate education for just £8,000. The deadline for this scholarship is 27th March 2017, with successful applicants contacted the beginning of April. So, don't delay, contact Team AppUK today! Get in touch at info@applicationuk.com.


Also on offer are scholarships worth £2,000 and £1,000. For these scholarships, no separate applications are necessary. You will be put up for the scholarship based on recommendation from Team AppUK, and your personal statement will act as your application. Therefore, we always recommend taking the time to make your personal statement as strong as possible. Find out more about these particular scholarships here.


About University of Hertfordshire

Founded in 1952, the University of Hertfordshire is the UK's leading business facing university. It is mainly located in Hatfield in Hertfordshire, which is just 20 miles from London. It therefore offers opportunities for both city life, with excellent transport links into the capital, and a more peaceful existence, with the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside on its doorstep. The university's location means that it has excellent links with many top businesses in the City of London, providing great work experience and placement opportunities for students. The university itself has a high student satisfaction rate of 82.0 and a career prospect rate of 74.7. It also has a relatively low average living cost of £12,200, making it ideal for students who want a taste of London life, but do not want to pay London prices!


Find out more about University of Hertfordshire by visiting our university list page here.

Courses on Offer

University of Hertfordshire has a wide range of master's courses on offer to international students, many with placement years, and/or scholarships available. You can find a full list of the September 2017 courses here, but we've picked out a few we think would be most of interest to AppUK students;


Courses with placement years:

MSc International Business - 2-year master's programme with 1-year work placement (guaranteed for students who achieve 60% in the 1st semester of MSc study)

MSc Computer Science (Conversion) / MSc Advanced Computer Science / MSc Artificial Intelligence with Robotics / MSc Computer Networking Principles & Practice – same as above, i.e. have 1-year work placement as well

MA TESOL – no teaching experience required, but 3-month teaching practice embedded in the programme


Courses with 100% coursework:

MSc at Business School with 100% coursework including:

MSc Marketing,

MSc Management,

MSc Accounting & Financial Management,

MSc International Business

MSc International Tourism and Hospitality Management


Courses with lower entry requirements/additonal support:

MSc Management – consider students with a pass degree in any subjects and offer additional embedded support to allow students to exit with a higher grade, IELTS overall requirement is 6.0

LLM Law (all programmes) - same requirements as above.

MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management / MSc Manufacturing Management - IELTS requirement is overall 6.0 and each band above 5.5

All MScs at School of Engineering & Technology only require IELTS overall 6.0 and each band 5.5 or above.

Courses with global opportunities:

MSc Global Business - one-year master leading to two master's degrees (e.g. MSc + MBA) and multinational living & studying experiences (e.g. USA, Germany, France, Spain, Russia)

MSc Psychology (Conversion) – for people who have degrees in other subjects, but who wish to obtain Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC)


For more information on any aspect of the above information, please contact Team AppUK on info@applicationuk.com. And remember, if you are interested in the early bird scholarship, exclusive for students who apply through ApplicationUK, your application deadline is 27th March 2017

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