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For students who dream of studying in the UK, the rising cost of international tuition fees can sometimes seem like a hurdle that is too expensive to overcome. However, there is some good news for budget conscious students! A number of UK universities are now offering reduced tuition fees for international students, therefore easing some of the pressures students might feel about UK university costs. This, combined with the weaker pound against many other currencies, means that studying in the UK is becoming increasingly more affordable for all international students.


A tuition fee reduction, together with ApplicationUK's £300 bursary incentive, could reduce your fees by £1,300, or even more! Read on to find out how…


Before we begin, here are some terms to know:

Tuition Reduction: The amount by which tuition is reduced or diminished.

Bursary: A sum of money in the form of a grant, usually given to enable someone to study at university or college.

Scholarship: A sum of money or other aid granted to a student, because of merit, need, etc., to pursue his or her studies.

Pick a UK university

A few universities give automatic tuition reductions or scholarships to international students without the need to enter a contest and compete against other applicants. The only requirement is that the student is from outside the UK. 

The following universities offer this automatically to international students:

University of Salford -  students from countries deemed by the World Bank to be low or low-middle income economies are eligible for a £1,000 discount on their tuition fees. Find out if your home country qualifies here.

University of Hull – if you have studied for your undergraduate degree at the University of Hull, you are automatically eligible for a £1,000 discount on any postgraduate study fees. Additionally, all international postgraduate students within the following programmes: arts, science, business management, or finance, are eligible for a tuition fee reduction of £2,500! Find out more here.

University of Sunderland – all international students studying master's degrees at the University of Sunderland automatically receive a £1,000 tuition fee reduction. Find out more here.

University of Worcester – the Worcester Business School have tuition fee reduction offers. Students studying MSc Finance, MSc Marketing, MSc International Management, MSc Human Resource Management, and MBA courses are eligible for a £2,500 discount on tuition fees, with scholarships of up to £3,000 also available. Find out more here.

University of East Anglia – all students wishing to study a master's at UEA, who have already completed their undergraduate degree there also, are automatically eligible for a £1,000 reduction in tuition fees. The Business School International Progress Scholarship, is unique to international students, and offers a £2,500 discount on tuition fees for students who have graduate from the business school and are carrying on to pursue a master's. Find out more here.

De Montfort University – tuition fee reductions of up to £3,000 are available as country specific scholarships to international students. The university also offers some tuition fee discounts alongside guaranteed internship positions. Find out more here.

Glasgow Caledonian University – all new international students are automatically entitled to a tuition fee discount of up to £2,600 when studying a full-time master's course at the university. Find out more here.

Bangor University – for both the September and January intake, all postgraduate international students are eligible for a £2,000 reduction in tuition fees, whilst students with a first-class undergraduate degree are eligible for a £4,000 discount. Find out more here.

Apply through ApplicationUK

Applying for a master's degree through ApplicationUK is completely free and saves you time, you only need to enter your application ONCE on our website and your application will be valid for up to five universities.

Pick a few universities from above and put them in your account. Apply to any university in the UK using our online platform, and you will receive a £300 bursary.


Tommy is a master's degree student from India. He wants to study in the UK, but is on a tight budget. He wants to study a master's degree in Neuroscience and has applied to Sheffield Hallam University and Anglia Ruskin University.


Sheffield Hallam University

Course: MSc Clinical Cognitive Neuroscience

Tuition Fees: £13,250

Course Length: 1 year

Tuition Reduction/Scholarships: Automatic £1000 international student scholarship

Total Spend: £13,250 tuition fee - £1,000 automatic international student scholarship - £300 ApplicationUK bursary = £11,950.


Anglia Ruskin University

Course: MSc Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

Tuition Fees: £12,400

Course Length: 1 year

Tuition Reduction/Scholarships: £500 - £1000 International Merit Scholarship

Total Spend: £12,400 Tuition - £1,000 international merit scholarship - £300 ApplicationUK bursary = £11,100.


Tommy has saved £1,300 at both universities!

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