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Coventry University student ambassador Lee Nguyen from Vietnam came in to visit Team AppUK and share his experiences of being an international student in the UK. We asked him about Coventry University, why he chose to study there, and what his top tips would be for anyone coming to study in the UK. 


We also spoke to Nitika Sharma, Regional Manager in the university's International Office. Read on to find out more!

Hi Nitika! So, tell us a bit about your university.

Coventry University is ranked 15th in the UK, and has been named as Modern University of the Year for the past 3 years running! It is in a great location within the UK, located just 20 minutes from Birmingham, and onlu 1 hour outside of London. We have over 280 courses available, and have strong industry and professional links. Our lecturers are experienced and knowledgeable in their areas of study, providing excellent teaching to students. Over 98% of our students are employed or in further study after graduation.

Why should international students choose Coventry University?

We rank within the top 4% of universities globally, meaning students can gain a prestigious UK degree from a former UK University of the Year (2015). We're the number one UK university for offering an international student experience to students, including field trips, and studying and working abroad. We also offer a unique 'Global Leaders Programme', designed to help prepare students to become future global leaders in their chosen fields. Coventry itself is a diverse, multicultural city with over 8,000 international students. We have over 130 societies that students can join, and a dedicated International office providing support and advice to all international students during their time here. 

Do you offer scholarships to international students?

Yes, we have scholarships of up to £10,000 available to international students, and have recently invested £1.5 million to our scholarship fund. The scholarships available to international students range from Academic Performance Scholarships, to Country-specific Scholarships.

Do you have any advice for international students wanting to come to the UK?

Work hard on your studies (it is what you are here for!), but also take advantage of every opportunity given to you. Visit places all over the UK, really get stuck in and experience British culture. Join societies to meet new people, and try and make friends with people from all over the world. It can be tempting to just stick with others from your home country as it is more familiar, but you'll have a much mroe well-rounded experience if you branch out and get to know people from all over. Most importantly though, have fun and enjoy your experience!

Finally, can you describe Coventry University in three words?

Diverse. Modern. Innovative.

Thank you Nitika and Lee! 

For more information on Coventry University, and how you could study there, contact Team AppUK on, or visit the university's profile here.

You can also find more details on all the courses and scholarships offered by the university on their website.

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