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To mark Earth Day 2017, people came out all over the world and marched in support of science. From Washington DC, to Indonesia, and from London, to Sydney, thousands of people from across the globe marched with the aim of promoting action to protect the environment. The organisers of the march said that it was a celebration of science, and a call to safeguard the scientific community. Donald Trump's presidency, and Brexit fears have had quite the impact on the scientific community in recent months. This march was a way for scientists to come together to promote support of the industry and the important work it does for the rest of society.

As with other marches, the highlights of the day came in the form of witty protest signs. Team AppUK have trawled social media, and found the best signs from around the world.



Image credit: https://twitter.com/RobertGLeeUK/status/855800487270117376


1493043010142235.pngImage credit: https://twitter.com/allijjackson/status/855767744578564096



Image credit: https://twitter.com/rowhoop/status/855796266588090370

New York


Image credit: https://twitter.com/WendySzy/status/855881658171523072

Washington DC


Image credit: https://twitter.com/michaelbriskin/status/855858333231742976



Image credit: https://twitter.com/mikewsc1/status/855629169912274944



Image credit: https://twitter.com/AWI_de/status/855726383158480897

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