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Life in the UK
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Windy Hon, from the University of the West of England's International Office recently came in to visit us at the ApplicationUK headquarters in Manchester! She sat down with Team AppUK's Stella for a conversation on life at the university, and what international students can expect when studying there.

Stella: Hi Windy, thank you for coming in to see us today. To start, could you introduce yourself a little bit, and what you do at the university.

Windy: Hello, my name is Windy Hon, and I'm working at UWE Bristol.

S: Great, thanks. So, tell us a bit about your university.

W: UWE Bristol is a thriving, modern university based in Bristol, one of the UK's most vibrant cities. We offer a wide range of highly respected course subjects such as Architecture, Art and Design, Engineering, Maths and more.

Our brand-new Bristol Business School opened in April this year, which offers a state-of-the-art home to all of our Business and Law students.

UWE Bristol is really strong in terms of employment prospects with 96% of our graduates in employment or further study six months after their graduation. We also have an award-winning careers website, Gradlink. This is a specialist career webset for connecting students who have graduated in the UK with over 300 major global employers.

S: Why should international students choose your university?

W: We have many excellent learning facilities and services created and designed for international students. To give you a couple of examples; our International Talent Scheme links our international students with local employers, to help find work experience in the UK whilst they are studying at UWE Bristol.

Another example is that our Student Union provides many fun social events as well as over 180 different sports, clubs, and societies where students can learn something new and meet other people.

With its diverse membership of students from 140 countries you can make friends with students from all around the world.

S: Do you offer scholarships to international students?

W: Every year, we provide a comprehensive list of scholarships, including our Academic Excellence Scholarship.

We also have further scholarships based on academic, sports or entrepreneurial excellence as well as a variety of country or course specific scholarships. The scholarships vary and can be cover anything from 50% up to 100% of the academic fees.

S: Do you have any advice for international students wanting to come to the UK?

W: I know how exciting it is to study at another country because I was one myself many years ago. Along with the excitement it can also be quite daunting as well. My top tips are to be open minded and adaptable. Knowing the UK culture in advance, and what the city and university will be like, will go a long way, and will help you not to feel overwhelmed when you get here.

S: And finally, please describe your university in three words.

W: Ambitious, Connected, Inclusive.

Thank you Windy! If you would like more information on studying at UWE Bristol, or studying in the UK in general, please contact Team AppUK on, or visit the universities page on our website here.

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