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In recent years, the global education market has seen a rise in 'branch campuses'. In other words, these are the international sites of universities that are based in other countries. There are over 240 international branch campuses around the world, with another 20 due to be opened in the coming years. Universities from the UK, alongside the US and France, make up over half of the overall total of branch campuses.


But what does that mean for students? For starters, it means that you can study for, and receive, a prestigious UK degree, without the expense of travelling abroad. It also means, of course, that there are no visa issues or barriers to you getting a UK degree. Alternatively, you have the option of studying for a UK degree as an international student, but in a different country entirely. For example, do you fancy South America, but are not sure that the local universities are ranked high enough internationally? Why not choose Manchester Business School, which has a campus in Brazil.


Branch campuses are closely linked with their UK counterparts, with staff often travelling between the two, meaning you also get the benefit of being taught by world-class researchers and lecturers. Students also get the opportunity (at most) to complete an exchange programme of anything from a couple of weeks to a semester at the UK campus of their chosen university, and some even offer international branch based students the opportunity to graduate in the UK!


All sound interesting? Check out the list below for UK universities, and their international branch campuses.



Lancaster University – opened 2013. Courses available include Lancaster Executive MBA.



University of Aberystwyth – opened 2014. Courses available include MSc International Business, MSc Advanced Computer Science.

University of Middlesex – opened 2010. Courses available include International Business Law LLM, Education (Leadership and Management) Part-time MA, MSc Business Information System Management, MSc Computer Networks and Network Design, MSc Applied Psychology, MSc Management.


Hong Kong

Manchester Business School – opened 1992. Courses available include Part-time Global MBA, Full-time MBA.



Heriot-Watt University – opened 2013. Courses available include MSc Business Psychology, MSc Business Strategy, Leadership and Change, MSc Construction Project Management, MSc Energy, MSc International Business Management with Finance, MSc International Business Management with Marketing, MBA, MSc Petroleum Engineering, MSc Quantity Surveying, MSc Renewable Energy Engineering, MSc Strategic Project Management.

Newcastle University (Medicine) – opened 2011. Courses available include Masters in Clinical Research, MSc Oncology, MSc Palliative Care, MSc Oncology for the Pharmaceutical Industry, PG Certificate in Cancer Studies.

University of Nottingham – opened 2000. 28 courses available, including; MSc Business and Management, MSc Chemical Engineering, MSc Electronic Communications and Computer Engineering, MA English Language and Literature, MSc Finance and Investment, MA International Relations, MBA, MSc Mechanical Engineering.

University of Reading – opened 2011. Courses available include MSc Investment Banking and Islamic Finance, The Henley MBA, MSc Construction Management.



Manchester Business School – opened 1999. Courses available include Part-time Global MBA.

Queen Margaret University

University of Birmingham – opened 1994. Courses available include Global MBA, MSc International Business.


South Korea

University of Aberdeen – opening 2017. Courses available include MSc Petroleum Engineering, MBA Energy Management, MSc Topside Management, MSc Subsea Engineering. 



University College London – opened 2010. Courses available include MSc Energy and Resources Management.


Middle East

UAE - Dubai

Heriot-Watt University – opened 2005. 30 postgraduate courses available, including; MSc Business Psychology, MSc Civil Engineering and Construction Management, MSc Computer Systems Management, MSc Energy, MSc Finance and Management, MA Interior Architecture and Design, MSc International Marketing Management with Digital Marketing, MSc Real Estate Management and Development, MSc Renewable Energy Engineering.

Manchester Business School – opened 2006. Courses available include Part-time Global MBA, MSc International Healthcare Leadership.

University of Birmingham – opening 2017. Courses available include MSc Computer Science, MSc International Business.

University of Bradford – currently offering Executive MBA and MSc International Health Management courses. A new campus offering a wider range of courses is set to open in 2018.  

University of Middlesex – opened 2005. 20 courses available, including; MA Education, MA Global Governance and Sustainable Development, MA People Management and Development, MA International Relations, MSc Banking and Finance, MSc Project Management, MSc International Tourism Management, MSc Digital Marketing. 

UAE - Ras Al Khaimah

University of Bolton – opened 2008. Courses available include MBA, MSc Construction Project Management, MSc Information Technology.



University College London – opened 2012. Courses available include MA Library and Information Studies, MA Museum and Gallery Practice.

University of Aberdeen – opened 2017. No postgraduate courses available yet, but are planned for the next couple of years.


North America

United States of America

University of Warwick – currently in development.


South America


Manchester Business School – opened 2004. Courses available include Part-time Global MBA, Full-time MBA.

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