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As some of you may already be aware, we recently held an online webinar session with one of our fully qualified visa advisors, giving information on applying for a Tier 4 General Student visa from outside of the UK, and also extending an existing visa once inside the country. You can find the full video of that session here.

At the end of the session, those who took part had the opportunity to ask questions. Here, we've included those questions along with their answers, and added many more of the most frequently asked questions we receive on the entire visa process. We hope this helps to answer any questions you may have yourself. If you can think of anymore, please do not hesitate to ask. Simply contact us on, or get in touch via the chat box at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Q1: Can I use more than one bank account to show that I have a sufficient amount of funds?

A: While it isn't recommended, as the use of multiple bank accounts could prolong your visa application process, you are able to use more than one bank account as your proof of funds. However, this must be as long as the bank accounts in question are in the student's or the student's parents' names.

Q2: Can I use a fixed deposit to show that I have sufficient funds? If so, will I also require a letter from the bank to prove that I can withdraw the fixed deposit at any point?

A: Yes, you can use a fixed deposit. As long as the bank letter/certificate clearly shows the date that money was deposited, the balance has been maintained, and the date the letter/certificate was issued. It should be clear that money has been held for a 28 day period or more in the fixed deposit account.

Q3: In the event that my visa is refused, can I re-use the same CAS or do I need a new CAS from the university?

A: You will require a new CAS from your chosen university. This is because every CAS holds a unique CAS number and can only be used to make one visa application.

Q4: My accommodation plans are still not yet finalised, the university accommodation team has asked to see me in person to sort out my accommodation issues – can I still apply for a visa?

A: Yes, you may enter the address and contact number of your university until you have your own confirmed accommodation address and contact details.

Q5: In the event that my visa application is unsuccessful, is there a period that I will need to wait before I am allowed to re-apply?

A: Not at all! You can re-apply for a T4 visa whenever you want, as long as you're prepared!

Q6: I understand that I need to maintain a certain amount of funds for 28 days to show that I have sufficient funds, but does this mean that I am not allowed to use the account throughout those 28 days?

A: You are able to continue using your bank account, as long as you sustain the minimum amount of funds required for you to study in the UK (maintenance plus outstanding tuition fees).

Q7: If I am applying to extend/renew my visa from within the UK (Leave to Remain) and do not receive my new visa on time before the start date of my course, can I still start my course?

A: That depends on your university, though more often than not, the university will allow you to study whilst your visa application outcome is still pending. You may however need to provide proof to show that you're awaiting a decision on your visa application. It is also worth noting that you should always check with your university to see if there are any other special requirements (i.e. they may request to see a specific document).  

Q8: If I receive my CAS at the very last minute, just before the enrolment date, can I first travel to the UK as a visitor then apply for a Tier 4 from inside the UK?

A: No. Visitor visas cannot 'switch' to a Tier 4 visa, you must contact your university to enquire about a later start date.

Q9: If I submit my application to the British embassy in my country then later realise that I've made a mistake by leaving out an important document, what can I do? Can I simply send them again to the embassy?

A: Whether you are applying for a T4 visa from within or outside the UK, contact the embassy to explain your situation then seek advice before taking any action. Find the contact details of all British Embassies here.

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Q10: I have a sufficient amount of funds for my studies in the UK, but it hasn't been 28 days and my enrolment day is coming very soon. Can I make my visa application before my funds have matured?

A: Do not start your visa application before your funds have been given enough time (28 days) to mature. Contact your university to ask whether it is possible to post-pone your enrolment date. Universities commonly allow a maximum extension of 2 weeks.

If you have any further questions or queries, or would like any more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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