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Do you ever find your mobile phone a bit of a nuisance when you are trying hard to concentrate on finishing your essay? Although it may be tempting to throw the phone out the window during tough times like this but in this digital age, technology does not have to be a distraction. In fact, a range of apps have been designed with students like you to help tackle every aspect of student life.

With that thought in mind, we have put together a list of nine useful apps that will enhance your experience as a student in the UK.


1. Timeful

Ditch your regular diary and opt for this handy app that uses intelligent code to gather information on your habits and regular routines and thus comes up with the best possible times to arrange your jobs for when you are at your most productive. Timeful is more just an app, it works with the user to suggest tips that will help you develop good time-keeping habits. The aim is that over time you will become less reliant on the app and stay on top of all you need to get done even without it.


2. Any.do

Much like any other time management tools on the market, this app serves as an assistant that will keep all your reminders, to-do lists, notes and events on a clean interface. Available on both iOS and Android means Any.do will let your switch from device to device without missing a deadline.

3. Evernote

Do you ever find your notes scattered all over and unable find that exact line you really need? Then listen up – Evernote is a nifty productivity app that allows you to easily gather all your notes, thoughts and ideas in one place across multiple devices.

What's more? It's also free and get it on your iPhone now!

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4. 30/30

This app lets you set timers to complete specific tasks. Perfect if you are pressed for time and/or need monitor the amount of time certain chores take you to finish.


5. EpicWin

This is a revolutionary app for those who struggle to fit some gaming in between assignments and revision sessions because every time you complete a task on EpicWin, XP is earned towards levelling-up and improving your in-app character.


6. Prezi

Yes, Prezi has an app too. If you didn't know, Prezi is a software that creates attractive and engaging presentations using motion, zoom and spatial relationships. Also available as an app, now you can prepare for the presentation on the go!


7. Exam Vocabulary Builder

Because describing an object on multiple occasions using the same adjective is frowned upon in higher education, this is the perfect app for those whose first language isn't English or simply suffer from the fear of sounding repetitive in an essay/exam paper.


8. SelfControl

We understand that those notifications on Facebook are hard to resist but SelfControl is designed specifically to black certain websites for a set amount of time, which in turn allows you to get on with the tasks at hand. “What if temptation gives in?” Worry not, because once the block if placed, it's impossible for you to access them until the time you have previously specified runs out. Not even when you delete and reinstall the app.


mini-lamp-and-alarm-clock-on-nightstand.jpgImage course: wiseGEEK

9. Sleep If U Can

Another self-control app so annoying that will surely get you out of the bed. To turn off the alarm, you will have get out and take a picture of whatever object/area you define - the sink is always a good start, or even the coffee machine.

We hope you find these apps useful and if you have, please don't forget to give us a shout on social media - you can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

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