Africa Postgraduate Taught Award

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If you are an African citizen with an offer for a postgraduate taught programme you will be eligible for an Africa Award of £1,000, which will be deducted from your tuition fees as stated above, providing you are privately financing your studies.

*Both the tuition fees and this award are fixed for the duration of the programme.

 Open to: 

The award is available for self-financing students only and is not applied to students whose fees are paid by their government, commercial organisation or other sponsoring body. The award can be combined with other partial scholarships (but not full fee remissions) for privately financed students studying at our Liverpool campus. At our London campus, students can only hold one scholarship, normally whichever is greater in value.

How to apply: There is no need to apply for this award, as the sum is automatically deducted based on nationality. 

Scholarship value : £1000

Deadline : Automatic

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