What is Application UK?
ApplicationUK is an online platform for all international students to apply to study in the UK. You can search for all master’s degree programmes offered by UK universities; compare them by universities, entry requirements, competition for a place, tuition fee, scholarship, ranking, location, etc. With our smart system, you can apply up to 5 universities or programmes with 1 simple process, track your application status real-time, respond to accept your offer and receive £300 bursary upon enrolment.
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What Makes Us Different?
Comprehensive Database
You can search for all master’s degree programmes offered by UK universities. Our big data smart system will allow you to select and compare your desirable university and programme choices to suit your needs and preferences, from entry requirements to tuition fee, scholarship, location, ranking, etc.
Wide Range of Scholarships and Bursaries
We collect all scholarship and bursary information to study in the UK, providing a one-stop-information-point for you to search and apply, never miss out on any.
Unbiased and Personalised Information
We believe that students should be able to apply to universities of their choice matching their potentials and preferences. Unlike traditional agencies who work with limited number of university partners and may refer you to their partners only thus limiting your choices or compromising your preferences, we provide all options in an open and transparent manner. You get an unbiased and personalised application plan according to your preferences.
Autonomous Application Process
At ApplicationUK, you are the master of your own application. You can search, compare and apply to universities of your choice, track your application status real time and decide which offers to accept. You have the freedom to make decision that suits your best interest and needs.
Guaranteed Offer
Our smart big data system can assess the strengths of your application, measuring and matching your education background against universities’ entry requirements.
Our team of expert advisers will review your application for final check before submitting to universities, making sure of the highest success rate.
Guaranteed Bursary
With the aim to partially support international students to study in the UK, we offer £300 bursary to all students who apply and enrol at a UK university through ApplicationUK. This is on top of any other scholarship or bursary you may receive from the university or other sources.
How Does It Work?
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