Personal statement – how?

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Applying to study in the UK universities can be difficult for international students, especially when competition is stiff. And when it comes to the application process, one of the many items on the checklist is the personal statement. The personal statement is a necessary part and it will help increase your chances to gain an offer.

But wait! What exactly is a personal statement?

It is a roughly 400-500-word piece of writing that explains your intentions in applying to a particular university, the course of your choice, your experience and why the university should accept you as their student.

There are some different requirements when it comes to personal statement for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. 

Postgraduate students personal statements tend to be more specific, both for the university and course you want to study. PG students should include information of what they want to study at that particular University as well as demonstrate their skills and knowledge gained through experience.

How should I go about my personal statement?

• Before you begin, list down your strengths – academic and non-academic

• Research on the university and course that you're interested in

• Think about how this course will help you in the future

• Structure your information well the universities and colleges value most

What should I include in my personal statement?

1. Why – State your ambitions and what interests you about the subject, course and higher education

2. What – Reflect and list down any relevant skills, experience or achievements that you've gained from education, work or other activities

3. How – Outline how you've previously demonstrated the stated skills and knowledge

The key to success

1. Be specific

2. Show that you've done your research

3. Expand relevant details for the course that you're applying for

4. Keep it positive

5. Show enthusiasm but keep it concise and natural

6. Draft until you're happy with it

7. Don't copy from anyone else or from the internet! Your application will be flagged and this will lead to serious consequences!

End it with a blast!

The last paragraph of your personal statement if your final chance to "sell" yourself to the university of your choice. Be sure to use this paragraph to make that final impact. You can also opt to sum up your personal statement and explain why they should take you in.



Full Sample: prospects-ac-uk

This is only a rough guide to writing your personal statement. If you need any further help, we offer a personal statement review service when you apply through us, editing where needed to make sure you present yourself in the best way to your chosen university. Contact us on for more information. 

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