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ApplicationUK is a free application service for international students applying for a master's degree in the UK. Not only is our service completely impartial, and 100% free, but we also offer all students who successfully enrol on a UK master's course a £300 bursary! Apply through ApplicationUK and you will recieve £300 to go towards your tuition fees. 

Follow this step-by-step guide to make your applications for up to five UK universities in one simple process.

STEP 1: Sign Up

Make an account on ApplicationUK to save your applications securely online, save your favourite courses or universities, start applications, or sign-in to complete them.


a) Click 'Sign Up'. 


b) Follow the on-screen instructions to fill in all the required details, then click 'Receive Your Code by Email' to get your verification code.

c) Click 'Sign Up' again.

STEP 2: Find a Course

Search for the perfect master's course and save them to your account to view them for later.


a) Search for a specific course by using the 'Find a Course' button.

b) Click 'Add' to save the course for later.

c) Click your email to view your saved courses in the 'Application Centre'.

STEP 3: Apply

View your saved courses and, when you're ready, make an application! 

Here you can upload your documents, personal statement, and student information. With ApplicationUK, you only need to do this once, and it will apply to all 5 of your chosen universities.


a) Once in the 'Application Centre', select universities.

b) Click 'Apply Now' to begin your application.

STEP 4: Completing your Application

*** The application process is broken down into four different sections:
'Personal Information', 'Experience & Background', 'Upload Documents' and 'Personal Statement'.

PART 1 OF 4 - Personal Information


a) 'Personal Information' requires your personal details, for example your name and date of birth.


b) Click 'Save & Continue' whenever you are ready.

Remember to complete all the required fields to avoid any delays in your application progress! 

PART 2 OF 4 - Experience and Background


a) 'Experience & Background' concerns your academic and professional history, as well as your referees' details.


b) Select 'Previous' to return to the previous section.

c) Click 'Save as draft' to continue your application later.

d) Once you're ready, click 'Save & Continue' to move on. 

PART 3 OF 4 - Upload Documents

To upload all your supporting documents, please follow the on-screen instructions and be sure to upload everything that your course specifies. 

To upload all your supporting documents, please follow the on-screen instructions and be sure to upload everything that your course specifies to. For more information on what you may or may not need, please visit this link to see a full Document Checklist. 


a) Upload all your supporting documents in this section – 'Upload Documents'.

b) To upload your documents, click on 'Upload' on the relevant unit. 


c) Select the appropriate document and click 'Open' to upload. 

PART 4 OF 4 - Personal Statement

Visit this link for help on writing your personal statement.


a) Add your 'Personal Statement' here in the final section of your application.

b) Whenever you're ready, click 'Submit' and your applications will be checked by our team, then sent to the relevant universities. Good luck!

STEP 4: Get your Offer to Study

Your application will take between 4-6 weeks to be considered by UK universities. After this time, the university will send you an email detailing your offer or rejection to study at their university. ApplicationUK guarantee that you will recieve at least one offer from a UK university to study a master's degree.

Sample offer letter:


There are two types of offers:

Conditional – Unfortunately, you still have some more work to do if you want to receive a full offer to study in the UK! You will need to fulfil the conditions in the offer letter (submit your IETLS score, resend missing or blurry documents) in order to enrol in the university.
Would you like to receive a full offer? Contact

Unconditional – Congratulations, you're almost there! Next on the list is a CAS and visa, and you will be studying in the UK in no time. Each university in the UK has a unique way of issuing CAS, so be sure to get in touch to find out how you can recieve yours.

POST OFFER: Apply for Scholarships and Get your Student Visa

Now that you have received your offer to study in the UK, you can find other funding opportunities such as scholarships.

Scholarship List
Get personalised scholarship advice from Team AppUK's experienced Educational Advisors. Email with your your name, email address, contact number, and offer letter details.

Ready to enrol? Apply for your Tier 4 Student Visa to come to the UK:

Visa Guide: What You Should Be Mindful Of

Student Visa Guide and Applications

Applications for 2017/18 master's courses at many universities in the UK are still open. Contact Team AppUK today for more information.

ApplicationUK's easy-to-use online application portal provides a simple solution to postgraduate application stress. With its smart digital self-assessment tool, personalised application plan, and application tracking system, you can be rest assured that your application will go through smoothly. Our experienced counsellors are also here to provide expert advice, reassurance, and continuous support.


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